Best robotics training in Bhopal

  The name Robotics itself defines that it deals with robots and to be precise it deals with the designing, constructing, operating and applications of robots. As the earth is moving forward, the use of machines is drastically increasing. And within few months all the machines will be replaced by robots. So, learning about robots is a good choice one makes for their personal growth and to the mankind.

But to learn robots, we need someone to guide us rather than seeking in the dark. In general Robotics training includes interfacing of basic components, knowing about different types of motors, shafts and mechanical structures etc. For few, above mentioned names itself doesn’t seem familiar, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your dream come true. So, we provide you with all the information you need. It just doesn’t end with you understanding how it is made but we make you think so that you can create new things of your own. We help you to become a creator.

Our training includes introducing you to Robotics, their designing and different sections of Robot. It introduces you to different types of DC & stepper motors used in robotics and even we explain their working and driver circuit designing and many more.

We introduce you to different types of robots like Line Follower Robot, War Robot, JCB Robot, Wall Follower Robot, Wireless Robot, and Metal Detecting Robot. 

We share the practical knowledge of the Industrial Automation & latest technologies with our students which are being used to achieve industrial automation. Our main idea is to teach the basic fundamentals of automation to the students and create a platform for them to work on. We also provide the solutions for final year engineering students and hobbyists. You only find a highly efficient facility with us which makes us the best training providers in Bhopal.

We even provide Career Counselling to all our candidates and to discuss the rewarding and adventurous careers. We even train for corporate companies which ensure you a good package. Once in a while, we arrange workshops and seminars based on the latest industrial technology. We give patents facilities to all the students for their respective ideas and inventions along with publishing the journals.