Initiating a Relation with C Language

C Language is the Most Basic Language that a Programmer needs to learn as a

Beginner.  Its the most basic Language and Probably the First Choice to Start

with. We Firmly believe that any Student can learn this Language. May be the

Student is from Higher Secondary, BCA, MCA or an Engineering Undergraduate.

Its for all Bracnches including EC, EX, EEE, CS, IT,EI, Mechatronics & Even

for the Royal Mechanicals too.....!!!


To learn how to Program a computer is just like learning How to Develop your Visualization and Thinking Ability.

With Immense Pleasure, We welcome all new Programming Aspirants to join our Practical Session with C.


Embedded Informatics is Apart from other Insitutes of Bhopal only for the Cause that it Provies Practical Atmosphere for Learning C. We focus on Learning C Practically not by just Dictating few Programs. Embedded Informformatics provides best c language programming classes and best java programming classes. It is best software training institue in bhopal.


To focus and Provide Individual Attension we have Limited our Intake Seats for

C  Class and its only 7 Students Per Batch. After Learning C From Embedded Informatics it would Certainly be easier for one to Switch to Other Programming Languages like C++,Java, Python...


See, Each and Every Underlying Concepts of C must be Understood well so as to learn other Language. Thus C is the Most basic ato start with as its easy and having only 32 Kewords.


Embedded Informatics is Brand Name and The Best Institue for Learning C Language,It provides and Effective & Practical Environment for learning C.

We Believe that mastering any language is just a matter of practice that's why we focus more on Programming Concepts and Practicals while Elaborating a Language to Students. If you truly Want to Learn Programing then Understand the Key very well. The only key is to Understand & Learn Programming through Practical Programming. It's Very Important to bear in Mind.


Delivering lecture and Dictating Few Programs on Board will not do. Students don't need to be a Write or Copier rather they have to be a Programmer. They would have to write Several Programs Themselves during learning Phase.


Following all these, Embedded Informatics Introduces Clanguage Class

with a Limited Seats of 7 Students per Batch. If you want to Learn Programing, 

the Idea of Learning C Concepts Tickles your Vein you have a burning

Desire to Begin with Your First Programming Language,If your are Full of Desire to 

Learn C language then You are just a Click away From Your Dream Point...!!

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If you have Already Learnt C Language.

We heartiliy Welcome you to Appear our Programming Test. We have 10 C Language Questions Readily waiting for You. What Benefit do you get out of this Test..??

If You find Solution of these Problems in Turn Around Time (TAT),

You will Receive a Merit Scholorship from Embedded Informatics for Learning Java.

If you solve:-

10/10 Problem Statements, You get 100% Scholarship for Java Class.

9/10 Problem Statements, You get 60% Scholarship for Java Class.

8/10 Problem Statements, You get 30% Scholarship for Java Class.

It's Time to Prove you Mettel.

If Melatonin runs in your Vein, Do Accept this Task.

We gladly Looking Forward for Deserving Students.


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Test on 25th Feb. 2018 (Sunday)

Topics for TEST

*Variable Declaration, Data types and Storage Class in C *Loop Formation

*Array *Functions *Pointers


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